Sony E3 Announcements Wrap-Up

(8:35) Beyond: Two Souls - The main actress will be played be Ellen Page. Has some great graphics. Very mysterious, which is a good thing. Didn't want them to spoil too much. Basically, a girl is on the run and has very unique powers.

(18:50) Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal - Will be on PS3 and Vita and will be crossed compatible. Will also offer cross save. Nothing but a Smash Bros clone with slightly different features.

(27:09) Cross play DLC for Little Big Planet 2. Also adds a new story mode and costumes.

(34:00) Call of duty: Declassified - For the Vita, not much info given other than to note that more info is coming

(35:20) Assassins Creed 3: Liberation - Looks good for a Vita game. First female assassin. Can unlock new features by connecting to the PS3 with Assassin Creed 3. A new Bundle will come out featuring a Crystal White Wifi Vita, 4GB Memory card and bundled with Assassin Creed 3: Liberation.

(37:45) Assassin Creed 3 - Weather can change at any point. You control the ship and canons as you battle at sea. Will have a PS3 bundle that offers exclusive DLC.

(43:45) Far Cry 3 - Will offer 4 player co-op for the first time ever. Looks like the AI still needs some work, an enemy clearly took poor cover while player was standing beside him without shooting. AI also appears to have poor reaction time. Will have exclusive DLC for the ps3.

(48:20) PS Move and a series of games that will use PS Move.

(50:50) Wonder Book - Has to work with PS Eye. Diggs Nightcrawler by Moonbot was announced. Book of Spells will be the first launch for Wonder Book. Will offer new exclusive writing from J.K. Rowling. Must be played with PS Move. From the demo, it looks like it can be very frustrating to get the spells just right.

(1:03:25) Talks about Playstation Suite bringing the playstation world to mobile phones and tablets. HTC is the first partner. Playstation Suite will be renamed PlayStation Mobile.

(1:07:42) God of War: Ascension - Looks and plays how you would expect from a god of war game.

(1:15:11) The Last of Us - The demo looks interesting, has some nice graphics. Did a good job of showing the game off. Has many different options for combat.

Overall, the show didn't offer anything that really made me excited for sony's plans. Wonderbook, while creative, doesn't strike me as something that will fly off the shelves. It seems more appropriate as a way to get kids more interested in books and bringing them to life than to have real game play mechanics added into newer games. The Last of Us and Beyond: Two souls seem to be the biggest highlight of the show for exclusive PlayStation games. Both look really good, but not something I will be rushing out to get anytime soon.  
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