EA E3 Announcements Wrap-Up

(2:35) Dead Space 3 – Will have a drop in drop out co-op mode. Looks very chaotic from the live demo.

(9:50) Madden NFL 13 – Will use the infinity engine. Uses run time physics so that no 2 plays ever look the same. Interactions with players are more organic, so that if a players arm is hit while running, it will affect balance. Mass, size, speed and momentum will be taken into consideration and affect every outcome of a collision. Attributes will play a bigger role in the game. No more predetermined tackles. The play will not end whenever you get hit, it will allow you to try to regain your balance or fight for more yards. Superstar mode and Franchise mode are now combined to create Career Mode. This will add a new RPG element into the game, with goals to complete. As you complete goals, you use XP to upgrade your player. Will include a news feed of what is going on around the league showing on the main league page. Will also have a fake Twitter feed on the right. A new feature will allow you to see, customize, and interact with your franchise team from PC, or mobile devices. Can sync up with Twitter or post your accomplishments straight to Facebook.

(17:05) SimCity Social – Looks just like Cityville. A brand new Sim City will be made for the PC. Seems to be an over the top version of Sim City Social, just in 3d. This will be the first Sim City to include multiplayer and will have dynamic challenges. Showed a dinosaur rampaging the city in one of the videos.

(22:50) Battlefield 3 DLC news – Battlefield Premium, a clone of Call of Duty Elite. Will include 5 new expansion packs. Will cost $49.99, already out for the PS3, coming to Xbox and PC in the next few weeks.

(27:14) Star Wars: The Old Republic – Adding more PvP warzones, adding higher level content. A new hardcore nightmare mode for veteran players. New companions, playable species, new features asked for such as group finder and ranked PvP transfers, increased level caps for every class, and a new planet called Makeb. Starting in July, everyone can play up to level 15 for free.

(30:50) Medal of Honor: Warfighter – From the demo, the screen shakes more than a Michael Bay movie. Basically plays how you would expect from a Medal of Honor game.

(40:00) Madden NFL Social – You can start the game on your PC, and finish it on your phone.

(41:50) FIFA Soccer 13 – All returning FIFA players will carry their level and XP over into FIFA 13. Will get a bonus in a new FIFA catalogue. Will connect with PC, tablets, and phones to the football club.

(48:10) UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship – EA has a multiyear deal. That is pretty much it.

(51:10) Need for Speed: Most Wanted – Other than upgraded graphics, it looks a lot like the first Most Wanted game. Will have a “leaderboard” among friends. Cut scenes of car wreckage seems to be very overused.

(57:40) Crysis 3 – looks as good as you would expect from a Crysis game. Gameplay looks the same as the last 2 Crysis games.

Overall, this is not as grand as the past EA shows have been. Their main focus seemed to be on Madden, DLC, social games, and connectivity between Facebook and their respective games.

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