Mass Effect 3 - Bioware Nightmare

Now I understand that gamers (myself included) are very much in love with their art. As a developer may pour their time and love into making a game, a gamer will put even more into playing it. A gamer will spend years playing, modding, updating, and enjoying the same games long after the devs have moved on. Now there are a groups of extremest that have been known to troll others for messing with, or ruining their games. A lot of the problems that Bioware are having may have come from all the missteps that they took even before the game's release.
  1. It all started with the release of the newest book, Mass Effect: Deception. In this book there are numerous errors that are blatantly obvious to anyone familiar with the series. So much so that a HUGE list was made by fans. Hell, it was so bad that even Bioware appolgized and promised to fix it. 
  2. The leak of the day one DLC, From Ashes for $10. Making players that did not buy the Collector's Edition spend more money after buying the game, but I have already commented on this in a past post.
  3. One of the biggest mysteries in the games was that Tali looked like without her suit. Well it seems that they didn't have the time to deal with that so they did this.
  4. And it really doesn't help that the script and a build of the game was leaked early.
This brings me to the big deal that is currently afoot with Mass Effect 3, the endings. It would seem that  regardless of what you do you get the same ending. This is in contrast with the fact that many head personal as Bioware claimed that you will have a unique ending based on the way you played throughout the games. Turns out, not so much. There are a total of 6 endings, all are mostly the same and have the same results. This is so bad that a fan has filed an FTC action against them for false advertising, and rightly so. 

[WATCH THIS] In this video you will see those quotes from the devs as well as points against the endings provided. SPOILERS!

But regardless Bioware has claimed there is nothing wrong and that the people upset are a "vocal minority", but going off what was in the video we see that the endings are barely any different at all. One fan has made a list of errors with the ending and the plot holes made by it.

Now some may think that since the original writer, Drew Karpyyshyn, left and the big controversy over another writer means that they no longer have any good writers finish the story. What I think it is is that EA told Bioware to rush the game becuse it had already been delayed for 3 months and they had all their promotions already in place. I also think that it was EA that had the brilliant ideas of adding multiplayer and Kinect support. While these are interesting ideas to explore, they really didn't add anything, and time sent on them was time away from the main game.

Without giving anything away, this picture shows you how Mass Effect 3 ends.
It is said that you should not complain about a problem unless you are going to do something about it. Well the Retake Mass Effect on Facebook and the $70,000 they raised for Child's Play is doing something. The video below is of a fan that came up with a very good ending to the game that was based off of what the original ending was going to be. An does so in a way that makes total sense.

It's not like they are asking for much. Just a good ending, not even a happy one. Something that was well written and doesn't undermine all the foreshadowing. Hell, at worst I wouldn't see a problem with having only 1 ending where Shepherd dies. As long as it done with a sense of fulfillment. Just release DLC that starts at the point where Harbinger comes down and just rewrite from that point on. I think we are all agree that everything up till that point was a great game.

Now Bioware has come out and said they they will do something about it. But from what I see all it says is they will be providing "more closure". That does not mean a new ending, but it's a start.

As I said in at the beginning, gamers will love the game more then the devs ever will. So should Bioware change the ending and compromise what they see as their artistic vision? Yes, because in the end the story really belongs to all of us. Not only in a literal sense, but in the way that it was designed. These are your stories, your Shepard. The name itself was to imply consequences to your actions. And if you see it that it's their property and they can do what they want to with it, think of it like this. We, are in effect, Bioware's bosses. If they don't do what we like, they don't get paid.
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