Mass Effect 3 DLC -U MAD, BRO?-

Bioware this recent week has let it slip that there will be a launch day DLC for Mass Effect 3 called, From Ashes. This new DLC will include 1 new character, a weapon called the Particle Rifle, 1 new outfit for your whole team, and 1 new mission all for $10!

The main problem about this DLC is the fact that the new character is a prothean. For those that don't know the protheans are a race of extinct beings that were key to your character discovering the existence of the Reapers (the main antagonists of the trilogy). While it might be the case that the mission and character may add nothing to the story it's like having Jesus and telling everyone that it's cool, don't worry about it.

To be far Bioware has lashed back saying that the game has been made for about 3 months and that in that time they have been working on DLC. Sounds fair. EXCEPT, that last time there was launch DLC for ME2 and it was free for all those people that bought the game new. Used owners had to buy it separate. Not saying that that means this one has to be free, but they have set a president. That's the real elephant in the room here. This is a war about prevention. I believe that may people would have not been so upset it this was never found. If it was released about 1 month after the release of the game everyone would have been OK with this. Sure it's manipulating us, but is that not at the heart of marketing?

At this pointt hey are asking people to pay $60 for and game and then asking them for another $10 for DLC. Do you not see that asking for more money after getting money is kind of shitty? Let them wait a week or so for the consumer to settle the main experience (and their wallets) before asking for more!

But others have been fighting back on the side of Bioware saying that all the DLC is optional and that it will not take away from the main experience. Well that's the problem. True fans will want the FULL experience, not just the main one. Now, there is a N7 Collector's Edition for those of you that want to play $80, but in order to get the most out of it you have to preorder it and even then you get less unless you preorder the N7 Digital Deluxe Edition. Do we not see the problem already? Its' even more of a face punch that other content can only be gotton by buying at different stores.One report estemate that the whole thing might be an upwards of $870! Which can be seen here. This does not even add the fact that the game has features for the Kinect which is another $100! If you can count that means we are at $970! That also does not count any of the other unannounced DLC for future release.

The last thing is that Bioware claims that this DLC is for the fans of the games so far. Really, for the fans? Would you,
1) Give something to your fans (like they did with the last game)
2) Have them pay more money for your shit?

I love Mass Effect and I will be getting this game and all it's DLC. But I will be waiting for ALL the DLC is released and even then I will wait for it to go on sale. Just know Bioware that not everyone of your fans can get collector's editions, or even preorder them.
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