Microsoft’s E3 Keynote 06/06/2011

Gears of Wars 3 - Gears of War 3, what else is there to say?
Halo 4 - New game in the series. This time featuring Master Chef again.
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - Nov 15, ‘11
Modern Warfare 3
Ryse - A war game for Kinect where you play as a Rome solider using the Kinect for combat.
Kinect Star Wars
Kinect: Disneyland Adventures - Explore all of the park and play on rail mini games. Makes your own items and share with others. This holiday
Dance Central 2 - More of the same as the first.
Kinect Sports Season 2 - Same as first but with voice commands and 5 added sports.
Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster
Fable: The Journey - 2012
Mass Effect 3 - Will use Kinect voice commands to control team members and navigate conversations.
All future Tom Clancy games will use Kinect.

Kinect Fun Labs - Use software made by pro and armatures. Labs will launch today.
Kinect Me - Be scanned and it make an avatar for you.
Finger Tracking
Object capturing
People scanning
Live today - Share contect made with Kinect
Bing search for Xbox
Voice Commands for Xbox
New Xbox UI
Apps for Xbox
YouTube on Xbox
Xbox Live TV

All these updates will come with this years Fall Update

Notes: Most Kinect games seem to be on rails.
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