E3 Round Up - Day 1

  • Well it would seem that Microsoft forgot to announce an awesome new feature at their event this morning. What was only a great feature that everyone has been asking for, Online Storage! That’s right! Now you can save your files to Xbox Live and access your saved game data from any console you sign in too. Source
  • FarCry3 was announced today as well as a release date and a trailer.
  • MineCraft coming to Xbox 360 this Fall and will support Kinect. Source
  • Insomniac Games announces their first multi-platform title,Over Strike. Source
  • Mass. Effect. 3. Nuf said. Trailer
  • New Spyro game with interesting additions. Source
  • The Sims Social. Bring the world largest sink hole in gaming to the world’s largest sinkhole of the web. Source
  • New Dead Island trailer full of Win. Trailer
  • Hellgate: London opening into Beta. See new character creation trailer. Trailer
  • New game to be released on Xbox Live this summer. From Dust. Website
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 coming to “Next Gen”. Maybe that means the new Nintendo platform? Source
Will have more tomorrow with the last, but biggest event yet Nintendo.
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