ESRB: Levels of Fun

The ESRB (Electronic Software Ratings Board) is a grouped effort by the gaming industry to regulate videogame content. Recently console makers have added the ability to restrict access to games with certain ratings. I think the system they have now is well done but I think that is can not only be improved, but simplified. Think about the tech today that allows controls to prevent a console or even an account from running a current rating of games. This feature can be found in all modern consoles. Well imagine if you are able to set the level rating and still be able to play the game. To most of you this sound like a contradiction of the feature but hear me out. What if you are playing God of War but your settings are for a Teen rating? The developer could provide a switch that tells the game to block some content and edit others. Such things would be turning blood off, replacing curse words with less harsh ones and removing the sex minigame. Plus giving control to the developer would allow them to edit the content of their game in a way that they feel would give the best experience to that rating of player. What we don't want to see is the console bleeping words and letting the system makers decide whats best for your games. And if the developers wish not to change their content or to add these types of filters then what's fine too. They will just have to understand that their content will be made to less of an audience then it would if it was edited. I still think that the ESRB should base ratings on the full content provided in the game's final release.

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