Death of Sony. Birth of Games.

We all have seen the past few years that Sony has had to endure and it's just a train wreck. Granted the last year and a half was the the only good moments for Sony in this generation. For many years now I have thought that Sony should just give up on the hardware gaming market and focus on just making software for other systems. Really, how much money has Sony lost on the PS3? Think about it; R&D, Marketing, Production, free online services. They are at such a high margin of lost that they would never regain 20% of what they've spent. Granted all consoles have a long term lost. The 360 is an example of this but they supplement by charging for Live, points, extra services, and not including the money they get from ad companies. I guess Sony is trying with the recent interdiction of PlayStation Plus but it doesn't work in the same method as the Gold version of XBox Live. Once you stop paying for Plus you loose all of the exclusive content you bought while using the services. Lame. Plus, (haha) it's a little to late in the generation to be adding such a service, and a lackluster one at that. More proof is the fact that they seem to need to copy a console that was way cheaper, less supported, and more popular the the PS3. I am of course speeching of the Sony Move in it's relation to the Wii. Some may say that it's just the way the industry is going and Sony has to keep up. I would say, sure, way not. But if it wasn't for the fact that the Move controller looks just like the Wii's but with a glowing ping-pong ball on top, and the fact what Microsoft did the same thing but looked at it in a different way. I think what happened was that last year when the Kinect and the Move was announced Sony thought that Microsoft would go the same route they did but they didn't and that left Sony with a design they had to produce. I'm not even going to mention the PSP. While pointing out all this shame and failures one would think, “Why haven't' they just stopped yet?”. So with all that one would have to think that going the way of SEGA wouldn't be so bad. Hold on to the studios and the IP's and just keep turning out the hits for other consoles. Hell, if you are still in spit of them just make the best damn PC games people have seen in years. You could even make a Steam like service out of it. Why not, you basically have the back-end right now with all the stuff you have for the PSP and PS3, just make a new PC interface for it. As we all know bits will cost you nothing and your exclusive titles would bring in the fans in no time. With their catalog it might even give the PC gaming market the means to compete again. So Sony just go back to making your TV's and such. It's what your good at. Leave the gaming market to those companies that are more structured to focus on it.

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