Metapunch Podcast Ep. 56

Nintendo To Allow Digital Purchases Via Smartphone And PC
Wii U Arkham Origins Won't Have Multiplayer, But Will It Cost Less?
Pokemon promo offers shiny Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina at GameStop
Dead Rising 2, Crackdown To Join Free Games With Gold Titles
Mac Version Of Bioshock Infinite Has A Release Date
Capcom announces Breath of Fire 6
Capcom's Deep Down is an online multiplayer RPG for PS4
SEGA-Sammy is trying to buy Atlus’ parent company
Wolfenstein: The New Order moved back to 2014
2K will officially announce XCOM: Enemy Within this month
Street Fighter X All Capcom is a thing
Leaked Footage Of The Next Game From The Makers Of L.A. Noire
Voxel-based Everquest Next 'an entirely new genre'
Blizzard's Project Titan veering away from MMO subscriptions
Guild Wars 2 - Queen's Jubilee

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Price Revealed, New Difficulty Level Added

Tales of Xillia
Dragon's Crown
Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
The Sims 3 Dragon Valley

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