Pokemon X&Y Video Speculation

Alright folks. Today Nintendo has announced the long awaited Pokemon games for the 3DS. Called, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. (Get it? 3 dimensions? Bet you won't guess what the special edition will be called!) The first thing that came to mind with those names was, Male and Female. Or was that just me? The game has shown 5 new Pokemon, the 2 title legendaries, and the 3 starter. None of which look any good, but the battle system does.  The games are now in full 3D with a new camera system (Harvest Moon style I'm sure). But this is what the fans have been asking for for quiet some time. From the looks of it it seems to be using some form of the Animal Crossing engine.

With that in mind it also seems to want to show off your character, not as something with a preset look, but as something that the player will be able to change. In the trailer it shows close-ups of the player character looking into the mirror. This maybe that little bit of AC bleeding in. You also note what this means if the creators are allowing for unique player characters, I think this will be their first steps to the another fan wet dream, an MMO. While I don't believe that a full MMO will be made, I do think that they will start adding 'online only' areas, more social features, and local multiplayer that will have you and your friend(s) traveling together and participating in battles. This may also be hinted at in one scene of the trailer where we see a female character following the player character (and not in a straight line like you would see in a party system). Could this just be a single NPC or signs to more?

Oh, and did I mention this this game has an international release? (kinda) That's right, same game everywhere on the same day. Why would you want thousands of players to start a game of Pokemon all on the same day? Maybe for some kind of interconnected network feature that would allow them all to benefit from experiencing something at the same time? But that's crazy talk. It's all crazy talk, and until we get more info we are only left in the dark to make up such crazy things. We'll all have to see come it's release date in October.

Things also of note are that there might be a bit of platforming. And holy crap, skates!
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