RAGE + The Scorchers - Review

RAGE has to be one of the best looking games on consoles and PC. The detail to weapons, enemies, and atmospherics is all great and is a testament as to why id Software is legendary in the industry. The downsides would have to be that the driving in the game can be a little sensitive and that the only way to get the full use out of your car is to perform well in races and time trials. While not terrible, the game does want you to work on getting a better car, which will reward you with better controls. Which you will need as traveling the hazards of the waste demands speed and bullets. A good car with homing missiles, extra plated armour, and 3x boost with power steering just may mean the difference between life and death.

The character models and animations are some of the best I've ever seen in a game. They leak personality and only serve as beautiful statues for you to take missions from. Which is a shame as the voice acting really does help bring them to life. The story is the last little problem as, in id fashion, it's lacking any depth. The story does have potential and you can tell that they wanted to do more with it. Only problem is that the game just ends so suddenly and on a low note. If not for the DLC that's where it all would have ended. But I'm getting ahead of myself. The game does sport a well done multiplayer. The verse combat of RAGE takes place in a car (Twisted Metal style), and the co-op missions (Wastelands Legends) are sections of the single-player game that are reworked for you and a buddy to fight waves of enemies as well as get back-story on many of the characters and locations. 4/7

DLC - The Scorchers
The DLC will take you about 2-3 hours and it has to be one of the longest side mission I've ever done. You are allowed to go to many places that was once sealed off in the main game. Such as Jackpots, as well as play new mini-games. One of the biggest additions is the Nailgun. It comes with 3 different types of ammo that basically turns itself into 3 different guns. The nails work as a standard assault weapon, while the others give you the power to spike enemies to walls, or just shoot through them. It adds so much more beyond the new missions though.

Added features allows players to continue their games after they beat the final story mission. Players can now return to the starting zone as well as replay completed missions. This DLC also includes a new 'Ultra-Nightmare' difficulty and new enemy types, like the Bone Mutants. It adds a new character named, Sarah as well. While she is totally useless and adds nothing, she does provide a new face to the wasteland. Once you have completed the Scorchers quest-line you are rewarded with a trophy room where you can see all of your completed missions and secrets you have collected throughout the game in the form of items in the apartment. 4/7

Final Word: If you own, or plan on owning this game, then the DLC is a must-have with all the welcomed additions that make it a much better experience. Together they are a 5/7.
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