Dear Esther - Review

I really shouldn't even be writing this. Because I do videogame reviews, and Dear Ester is first and foremost, is not a game. It's an interactive narrative. It's Myst without the puzzles. That's not to say it's not a good experience, but only that it's not what you might think. The "game" is set on an island with only you as the narrator as you walk your way to the summit of the island. As far as gameplay goes, that's it. I can't get any deeper than "Walking & Talking: The Game". So what makes it worth your $10? I would have to say it's the music and cinematography that make is worth your time. The music and sound design are spot on. They mix in a way that sets the right mood of mystery and sadness. Almost all the areas in the game could be used as a picture in and of itself. If anything it's a threat for the the eyes and ears and a great example that other devs should take note of. As far the story story goes, it never does. The story is more of a study in subtle commentary. It's never forward with you and you are left to make your own conclusion. Not may thing, but other may like it.

This game seems more like a college kid's 20 minute short film then anything else. Get this if it's on sale and you love holding the W key for an hour and a half.

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