On October 12, Orcs Must Die! was released on Steam for $15. Since then 2 DLC packs have been released totaling for $6. Today we are informed that they will no longer be making DLC for the game. Really? After a month of support? I wonder as to why this is so? Many people not only love the game, they would have for sure continued to pay for DLC. Not only that but you would think that they would have

  1. Waited a few weeks to release the game and DLC as a whole for $20
  2. Not released the DLC as all.
  3. Released them as free DLC or as an update.

I surely can't chop this up to inexperience. These are people that have worked in the big leages They were owned by Microsoft, and working on AAA franchises such as Halo Wars. Well now that I think about it Halo Wars ended up not making much money, having servers shut down, and studio closed. OK, you know what!? I see why now.
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