Game Developers Moving for Better Environments

Somewhere along the way, as it skyrocketed into being the most profitible entertainment industry, big business stepped in and flooded it with lazy developers who got in on the ground floor and hired their friends, cronies and sycophants in hopes to sustain their own relevance as they leap to each new development studio to feed upon.

The games themselves take a backseat to "culture" (a fear-driven collective of yesmen that do not dare have any opinions of their own unless they have the clout to pull it off), endless self-congratulatory adulations about "important" employees' contributions and countless wasted dollars on extravagant parties and events that further the "culture" with investors' money (often leading to lay-offs due to financial shortages later on --or wholesale cancellations of projects).

I witnessed a lot of backstabbing and downright career sabotage as the greedy and unscrupulous preyed upon the naive who were interested in just making games in the four years I've spent in the industry. It truly is embittering to see less qualified cronies ascend the corporate ladder at the expense of hard workers.

What Inafune refers to as "execs" are the businessmen who only care about keeping their jobs and profits up - most don't even care what product they're selling as long as they get their massive short-term gains (even if it's at the expense of others or the company itself)

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