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Has anyone seen the new games coming out? They seem to be attempts at bring back really old series. XCOM, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and even True Crime. All these games are set to be released with in the next year or two. I admit that I too have been thinking of cool remakes of old games here of late. But really I don't see why studios don't just re-imagining more loved games. Theirs are large groups of people out there that love to see the return of very popular franchises. Most of these series have HUGE fan bases behind them even today and still have no sequels. Such following has formed around Chrono Trigger, Earth Bound, and even a remake for Final Fantasy 7. It's not as thought these are no name franchises that have a small followings. These are games that would sell like crazy if ever released. I don't see as to why publishers wouldn't want us to give them money, but ok. I just hope that if these games come out that they won't continue to milk it. (e.i. Fallout: New Vagas)
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