Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Review

By far one of the best Mario games ever made, hands down. This game has everything. Running, jumping, platforming challenges, Yoshi's that don't dissolves in water, the works! The first Mario Galaxy was a great game that I consider second place to this version. I place the Galaxy games better the Super Mario Bros 3 and ever Super Mario World! Though to be fair if you were to get one Galaxy game I would only get this one. They are so close in fact the second just seems more like an expansion pack to the first game.

All the themes you remember from the older games are here. Even a level right out of Mario 64 remade. In the first game you could get 120 stars, but once that was done you can then go and get all the stars again as Luigi. This was kind of lame because Luigi sucks as a character and as gameplay mechanic. He jumped just a little higher then Mario and had no friction in his movements. Was like running in a ice level, but all the time. The only reason to do this was to get the 241th star that was only available after that. This time around playing as Luigi is an option throughout the whole game.

In the place of the second play-through you now has to collect Green Stars. These stars are in all the levels you have completed but in different places. You must find them by listening to the game to hear if the star is near by. It become an awesome game of hide an seek while pushing the limits of your skills. This really comes in play when you have to do the very last level in the game. A stage know as, The Perfect Run. You must go through a series of deadly challenges without getting hit once. This includes, bombs, lasers, and a group of about 12 Hammer Bros.

Music is what you expect from a Mario game. All the classic tunes are remixed. Music has never been a strong point for the Mario games as most song are just carry overs from the classic tunes that we all know. I would like to go back again and say that I think this is the best Super Mario game ever made.
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