World of Warcraft: Cataclysm – Review

Another review. In list form!

You can now play as a Worgen – Worgen were a group of humans that lived away from all the war and violence in the world but then Undead came and broke down the walls around their city and exposed them to a curse that turned then into Worgans.

You can now play as a Goblin – A tribe of goblins that had their own island destroyed and put into slavery by their leader. Then the Horde came along and scares their leader into joining them.

Both of these races already existed in the game. Goblins severed as a neutral race for both the Horde and the Alliance and Worgen were just a common enemy. Well at least in the first expansion when they added two new races they were already in the lore. So it was a state of being there but not being seen until they had a part to play. But these two new races seem forced into being a playable, rather that having any true meaning.

6 New Zones – None of this really matters as it's six zones you will never see unless you are level 80+. They are nothing special.

New Profession: Archaeology - Pointless. All this does is force you to go to old areas that you don't visit anymore to get items. Sometimes you get something rare but that's all it's for, item hunters. This would have been really interesting if it was released as it was originally built. It was part of a three part system called, Path of the Titans. But the other two parts were never released.

You can fly in all the old areas – Does not matter unless you are high level. So, moving on.

The Reforging of the World – This would have been great use to sell the game, but it's free even for those that don't buy the expansion. Leveling a new character has great pacing now. You can level form 1-20 in 2 1/2 hours. Compared to before when it took about 6 hours to do it. Which is good and bad. Good that you can get to a higher levels but bad as it pushes you through the starting areas so fast that you can't enjoy it. Being that the beginning of game it's the only time you have a story to follow it's a real shame.

In the end this expansion is only for people that have level 80 characters. This is sad because you will always have to be high level to enjoy this game. I hate that the game doesn't let you enjoy it no matter what your level. So if you don't pour at lease 40 hours a week into this game you don't need the things I listed. The addons will be there if you don't buy this game so if you don't buy this one, that's ok. Just wait for the next one then buy this one.
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