3DS News Update

Well Nintendo had their 3DS announcement today to showcase price, date, and other features. What did I learn? Well here it is...

  • The system will cost $249.99

  • Release date, March 27th

  • The ability to transfer games you bought on the DSi to the 3DS

  • Friend Codes are no longer per game, they are per system. Mean only one Friend Code, PERIOD.

  • 3DS Sound - Sound editor found in the DSi.

  • MiiStudio - Make your own Mii (like on the Wii). You can also use your camera

  • PictoChat – normal default chat client

  • Street PassMiiPlaza - you can get more Mii's by passing people on the street. It shares them.

  • Face Shooting - a game that uses the camera for play.

  • Download Service - Download games from friend or play multi-player.

  • Augmented reality games – Cards that come with the system that you can scan using the cameras. Games based on where you are, how you use the camera and other features.

  • 3DS Shop - Download DSWare, Apps, Gameboy and Gameboy Color games, and movies rentals.

  • Internet Browser – Opera brower

  • Activity Log – Tracks how far you walk and uses that data to give you coins to spend on games as well as use this data in games.

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