Halo: Reach - Review

And... GO!
  • Nice setting, love the buildings their designs look like something that would be in are future.
  • The screen seems crowded by the interface and your gun. You are only really using about 1/3 the screen.
  • The controls are OK, but based on modern FPS's they don't follow a basic setup and there’s no way to change the settings other that using the preset ones (with also suck). It's something you just have to get use to.
  • Having an AI in this game driving sucks (but not as bad as it was in Halo 3) at one instance the driver (while only needing to go straight on a clear bridge that he was in the middle of) decided that going forward then backing up about 8 time before hitting the side rails then going forward was the best course of action.
  • And if the game is too much for you because you haven't got the controls now you don't have to worry, all you teammates are immortals. Nothing short of cutting their heads off will take them down.
  • The “dramatic rock” during fights seems out of place. Way not some epic chores or something else like the Halo series in know for.
  • Now I see why the AI wants to take it slow while driving. It's feels like you are driving on ice and hitting the slightest little thing makes you loosing control or even rolling to your death.
  • With the fact that the screen seems cramped you will be killed from behind a lot. Grenades will kill you every time or the fact that you are fighting someone and they get behind you. It's much like getting a plasma grenade stuck to you. You just know you're dead. And as for those little devils, if you get one stuck to you, your dead. This might be obvious to you but it's really stupid for single player. I weapon with a instant kill that can't be avoided? I mean you can hold and throw the damn things. Why can't you pull it off yourself and throw it right back?
  • The last mission is odd. I had to look it up online. I know that's cheap but it was a no win scenario. Here's a hint for all of you with the same problem, don't get into the cannon until he says that they are not going to make it. Just stay on the stair case until then. Oh, and aim for the glowing red spot!
Final Thoughts: You can fall to your death in this game, HOW?! More then once do we see them fall from GREAT highs only to be ok. But you are telling me that the suit can make you survive atmospheric reentry but can't take a FORTY FOOT DROP!
There are areas in the game that you game go to but if you do the game says that you left the battle zone and that if you do not return in 10 seconds you die. This is odd to me. Why make an area if you can't go to it? I mean other areas of the game that I couldn't go to had invisible walls or logical ones.
And lastly I point out that there is a mission where you must hold off enemies while the doctor you are waiting on does something. This area you are in is 1000 miles underground and is hidden by a secret passage that was never found by the enemies. Not only that but the passageway was just a walk through to an elevator. None of them should be there, at lease of all tanks and and banshee's! Why would you explain in the story that they haven't found it yet only to have them show up 2 minutes later?
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