Blizzard Left Out in the Cold

All over the world people love the games made by Blizzard. Just throw a free copy of Starcraft in the middle of South Korea and you could start a small war. But Blizzard is made up of a bunch of assholes and we are going to stick it to them! Well... uh, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! If you have been a World of Warcraft player and are thinking of playing again (or you want to extend time you your current account) follow these steps. First off go to you account management and use the, Recruit-a-Friend feature. Send invites to as many people as you want or you can make dummy accounts for selling later, so be sure not to use your info when setting up new emails for the accounts. When you recruit someone they get to play the game for 10 days and if they buy you get 30 free days of game time (as well as tons of other feature that you both end up getting). Another thing is that right now until the 30th you can buy the original game for $5 from the Blizzards site. It’s also at GameStop for $5 and if you buy quickly if comes with a $5 gift card! In either case get the digital download version so you don’t have to wait for shipping an you can get you rewards quicker. Gift the copies you bought to your recruited friends and have them activate it. What you are really doing is instead of paying $15 for a month of game time you are only paying $5. Plus all the added content that goes with it for you and your friends. This is how it came out for me...

1. Used Recruit-a-Friend on two people I know.
2. Bought them a $5 copy of the game at GameStop and got the 2 gift cards.
3. I gave the cards to my sister for buying the games for me. As well as the $1.50 it was for tax.
4. Used the $10 I didn’t use to buy the two copies with and bought Wrath of the Lich King (and expansion I didn’t have) for $10.

So in summary. I spent $11.50, got 60 days of game time, more friends to play with, lvl faster, two exclusive mounts, and all the other features that come with the Recruit-a-Friend feature. If I payed for all this it would have been$110. I saved $99.50! Legally.
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