Black Friday Wish List

This is just a small post of things I like. And to be fair that's the true reason of the blog anyway. So I'll do this one on all the great games I want that have come or coming out this year. This is for those looking to get something out of Black Friday or Christmas this year, November is just next week people.

Dead Rising 2 – How couldn't you love zombies. More of a toy on a timer than a game, But fun all the same.

Rock Band 3 – With all new songs plus the ability to use the ones in the store already you wont run out anytime soon. Also remember that they redid the entire way you play now. But don't worry, you'll still be able to play it like 1 and 2. Plus, KEYTAR!

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm – I haven't played WoW in some years but I can't wait for this release. Re-mastering all of the world by destroying it! That never been seen in ANY MMOs in the past. The ability to look at well known places and see them destroyed or rebuilt in new ways. I hate the fact that I have to buy the last expansion pack in order to use this one. That's TWO $40 games people! It's really an expansion pack to the expansion pack to the expansion pack to WoW. Lame.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light – A new DS fantasy with 4 play action that isn't a Crystal Chronicle game!

Fallout: News Vagas – Like Fallout 3, same game different name, and places, and people, and quests, and vaults, and factions. Oh, BOY!

Fable 3 – Good. Bad. Asshole :)

Epic Mickey – A awesome looking Disney game made by Disney?! Using characters that haven't seen the light of day for 30+ years, it's a platformer, and it only for the Wii and it looks great!

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West – Based of the same Chinese story (Journey to the West) that almost everyone has to make something based off of it. Even Dragon Ball! But this is a awesome looking game that was made by the same people that made Heavenly Sword. This game is has puzzles, fighting, air boards, and platforming all in an great source martial but with robot!

Minecraft – A game about making your own world out of EVERYTHING. This is an indie game made by one guy and from the word of his sales the man has made $5,006,290 from just 3 months of sales. The game is currently called, “Minecraft Alpha”. The game is small and lite, you can run your own servers, it has multiplayer, and it's MADE BY ONE GUY! You can play a small nothing version on his site but it does not do the Alpha version justice. Just YouTube, please.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep – From what I hear this has the best combat system of any of the past games in the series. You can play the game 3 different times with each character having different worlds, stories, and fighting styles.

Crackdown 2 – Run faster than cars, while holding other cars! Jumping over multiple buildings in a single leap! Jump in the air, throw a car at a group of bad guys, turn around and snipe another group all in the heads and then land! UNLIMITED POWER!

Lost in Shadow – An interesting 2.5D game that you play as a shadow in the background and control objects in the foreground in order to change their shadows in order to advance.

Sonic Adventure (Xbox Arcade) – Re-re-release of a good Sonic game.

The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom (Xbox Arcade) – By eating a poison pie you gain the power to go though time and steal pies. You can make copies of yourself and use them on a time line to coordinate cool puzzle solving plans.

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition - A re-release of last year's game with all the add-ons.

Tron: Evolution – I love Tron and can't wait for Tron: Legacy on Nov. 17! This is a game that takes place in the gap of the first movie and the new one. Wow, two Disney games and really 3, but wow. Just wow!

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom - A action/puzzle game where you play as a thief in a forbidden place of ancient evil. You as play as a mysterious monster that has forgotten it's memories. As they travel together they use each others powers for combat and puzzle solving. Like ICO meets Where the Wild Things Are. I'm willing to bet that the monster's memories are that he is the great evil in the temple and that you have to kill him at the end, after you spent the whole game forming a bond together. Well I could be wrong. Hehe. Get it. It's a joke.

I would recommend that you get them all on the 360 if you can and do get a demo first to see if you'll like them. (Especially with Dead Rising 2. For free you'll learn the game's controls, play the prequel story, play a whole new area that not in the game, but if you buy the 400MP demo you'll get all that plus the ability to move all you've earned to the real game when you get it!)

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