Built-in Controller Memory

The idea of putting memory into controllers has been around since the days of the Dreamcast and even somewhat nowadays with the Wii (even thought one would forget from lack of support or even mention). Built-in memory would become one of the best ways of interacting with others (and their console). Granted nowadays most people play online with one another, is there even a reason for a player to take their controller to a friend's house? But imagine you take your controller to another Xbox 360 and sync it, it would have the profile of your choosing as well as saved files. When you press the “jewel” to sync your controller to your friend's machine you see that you have been logged in as a secondary profile. None of your files have been pulled but rather your profile is temporarily stored and linked online so if you earn anything it is remembered as well as deleting itself from the temp folder once done so as not to give access to your friend once you have left. This wouldn't be too hard as you can sync your controller when you are at your XBox and it will be encoded with and ID number for that XBox (which is the same thing they do with DLC on the XBox). Also with memory being as cheap and easy to make now more then ever an easily minimum of four gigs would be nothing. This memory could be or even expanded with the use of SD cards and such. The transfer of data will go to the console until deleted. And this feature wouldn't be running all the time just when you are transmitting data.
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